Fittings ActivPilot Select - Innovation Hidden inside

Windows with the fitting system acivPilot Select are luxurious, display timeless elegance, great operation comfort and easy maintenance.

The fittings activPilot Select are fully concealed in the rebate space and suitable for window sashes up to 3 m² and 150 kg.

They are ideal for both contemporary architecture and renovated historic buildings. Thanks to the application of this fitting type, historic windows retain their original character.

Advantages of the concealed fittings activPilot Select:

  • hinges fully concealed in the rebate space - this solution makes it possible to fully conceal the hinges under the sash stopper
  • load carrying capacity up to 150 kg - suitable for glazing units with extra insulation
  • energy efficiency - a window with hidden hinges has better thermal insulation parameters, due to the continuous gasket encompassing the window
  • burglar resistance - the fittings can be used for constructing windows in the 2nd resistance class
  • no heat leakage bridges - no contact with the interior
  • timeless window aesthetic qualities - they enable free choice of window colours and finishes
  • easy maintenance - lack of external hinges improves thermal insulation and facilitates window maintenance
  • fitter-friendly - simplified installation and regulation, as the fitting requires no special spotting or milling the profile

If then you set great value on comfort, safety and aesthetics, we recommend windows with concealed fittings activPilot Select.

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