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The doors of PVC are another item in our offer, which is very popular among the customers.

The round contours of the wing doors lend an attractive appearance. A fitting notch adapted to standard fittings systems. Environmentally friendly system. The heat transfer coefficient for the reference door Uw=1.2 W/m * K (for glazing of Ug=0.7 W/m * K). Ability to use packet 3-glases with warm edge. A wide range of profiles veneered provides the ability to creation of the doors that match different styling.

    Frames and sashes
  • - 5-chamber sash in white color version and one or both sides veneered li>
  • - 6-chamber frame in white color version and one or both sides veneered

We offer door produced on the basis of profiles of high-statics. There is a choice of opening to the inside or outside. At the door it is possible to use a wide range of decorative fillings (stained glass, ornaments, colored glass).

58620 / 58650 / 47055

58610 / 58620

58610 / 58621

58620 / 58650 / 47054


  • - modern fittings Winkhaus
  • - glasses : Saint-Gobain or Press-Glass, heat conductivity coefficient of U=0.5 W/m2 * K
  • - handles in the colors of old gold F4 and F9 (dark silver), and white and brown
  • - gray seal with shape memory in the door of the white strips and glazing doorsided veneered
  • - seal black with shape memory in the door single- and double-sided veneered

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