Sliding systems

  • The DuoPort SK S and Z, the duoPort PAS and the HST tilt and slide window fittings are modern, smart and very functional complement of glazing, which can reach from floor to ceiling.
  • The sliding systems with window fittings made by Winkhaus enable to produce tilt and slide sashes which can weigh even up to 200 kg.
  • Thanks to the lock of wrong operation, the use of tilt and slide window fittings is entirely secure.
  • The maximal dimensions of the HST lift and slide terrace door can be of 2.5 m height and even 6 m width.
  • The HAUTAU - ATRIUM HS window fittings are used in case of the HST doors and give the possibility of comfortable handling of sashes with a weight reaching up to 400 kg.