Sliding systems


SMART SLIDE is a sliding door constructed with the Aluplast profile.

The door is available in the A scheme..

The innovative closing mechanism enables easy operation similar to the solutions applied in the HST doors.

The used fitting system Roto Patio Inowa cannot be seen from outside and is dedicated for the SMART SLIDE door.

The Smart Slide door handle is available in the following colours: white, brown, dark brown, F1 and F9.

The SMART SLIDE door is very tight thanks to the application of the circumferential gaskets.

Maximum size:

- 4000 x 2400 mm for white profiles,

- 3800 x 2300 mm for coloured profiles.

In fact, a construction with the above width is divided asymmetrically, because the maximum size of the sliding sash is:

- 1500 x 2300 mm (for white profiles),

- 1400 x 2200 mm (for coloured profiles).

The available colour range of the Smart Slide door corresponds to the colours of the Aluplast profile.

The sash depth is equal to 70 mm and the frame depth – 140 mm.

It is not possible to combine the Smart Slide door with expansions or other constructions.

The Smart Slide door can be blocked in any position, which makes it possible to ventilate the room in a comfortable way.

We invite you to watch the films:

The presentation of the Smart Slide door.

The comparison of the HST, PSK and Smart Slide doors.

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