BluEvolution 82 Art Line (Class A)

Bluevolution 82 Art Line are thermally insulated, round-edged windows in class A. This system has the construction depth of 82 mm, at least 2.8 mm thick external walls and big internal chambers, effectively improving the ventilation and cooling of profiles. In the system Bluevolution 82 Art Line, 2 thrust gaskets and an additional central gasket, which improves the thermal and acoustic properties of windows, are applied. The system Bluevolution 82 Art Line is used to produce turn, tilt, tilt-and-turn windows as well as terrace doors.


    Profiles in class A: 6-chamber frame and sash profiles made of the highest quality PVC material:
  • - energy efficient
  • - eco-friendly
  • - resistant to the harmful influence of atmosphere
  • - easy to clean and maintain
  • - visually attractive

Glass: 2-chamber packets of glass panes with the thermal insulation coefficient of Ug = 0,5 W/m²K when filled with argon. There is a possibility of using any glass packets (thermal, acoustic and anti-theft) with the width of up to 48 mm.

Glass fixing: Deep fixing of glass panes additionally improves the thermal insulation of the window.

Gaskets: 2 thrust gaskets and an additional central gasket.

Huge outer chambers: They effectively facilitate the ventilation and cooling of profiles (less thermal stress) as well as water drainage.

PVC: Resistant to the harmful influence of atmosphere and contamination, smooth surface of the profiles makes it easier to keep them clean.

Colours: A broad colour range of the profiles, either plain or wood-like, including those imitating precious wood.

Scope of application: Windows made of PVC, both white and within a broad range of colours, either plain or wood-like, without any formal or functional limits.

    Technical data:
  • Uf =1,0 W/m²K (MD version), Uf=1,1 W/m²K (AD version)
  • Ug =0,5 W/m²K (glass 4/16/4/16/4 + argon)
  • Uw =0,76 W/m²K (for a reference window of the MD system)
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